Kindergarten Curriculum

Play is what children do best and enjoy. The world for children is the world of playing. Actually, playing is a very natural way for children to learn because it uses all of their senses. Playtime is also a cognitive learning exercise where children experience and do something and also take information and finally organize it to solve problems and to understand their environment.


Based on the thoughts, Embun Pagi International Islamic school uses BCCT (Beyond Center and Circle Time) as the teaching method in Preschool. BCCT method which is based more on student-centered rather than teacher-centered allows children to explore all aspects of development through what we called centers. Now, we already have 6 centers; they are: Block center, Dramatic Play Center, Exploration Center, Preparation Center, Art And Craft Center and Islamic Studies Center.


By using centers as the media of teaching we provide learning environment that encourage children to be active learners, to collaborate with peers, and to use meaningful tasks and authentic materials. The children will also have fun and enjoy learning many new things by playing in the centers.


In the centers the children will explore the 6 aspects of development in interesting and challenging ways.

 Block Center

The center that allows children to develop their cognitive aspect. It is a media of constructing, exploring, creating and solving problems. Children will also learn about geometry, balancing and so on in this center.


 Dramatic Centre

Media of expressing, imitating, and promoting  children language and literacy development.



Exploration Center

Hands-on and interactive center that allows children to explore and experience the natural world. They also will learn how to solve problems and to estimate. This center  help children to develop their observation skills.




Preparation Center

The center of preparing 3 basics of knowledge: Reading, Writing and  Counting in more interesting way. By using  letter board and other learning props.





Art & Craft Center

The center in which the children develop their fine motor skills and sense of art. This center also allows children to explore their creativity on works of art.




Islamic Studies Center

Exploring  Islamic values by applying them in daily routine. Children also learn Islamic values through songs,
story telling and watching CD. Teaching props are also provided to make learning activities more enjoyable




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Events Announcement

Yearly Event
  • 17 August 2016

    We commemorated  the17 August with many competition.

  • Hajj Manasik

    Kindergarten Embun Pagi Islamic School had Hajj Manasik in school. We introduced the students about

  • Islamic New Year, 1 Muharram 1438 H

    Embun Pagi Islamic School celebrated islamic new year, 1 Muharram 1438 H. We started the Islamic New

  • Idul Adha 1437 H

    Idul Adha 1437 H in Embun Pagi Islamic School introduced students to remember about prophet Ibrahim