Assalamu ‘alaikum Wr. Wb.


Alhamdulillahi robbil ‘alamin,

Embun Pagi Islamic school has reached the 6th year of its service in teaching and nurturing children since it was established in 2006. Thank you very much to all our valued parents who have trusted our school as the Education Institution for teaching and nurturing the children. We are very grateful for your kindness and cooperation during these 6 years.

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Based on its vision to be the Leading Islamic School with an International Insight, the school keeps on strengthening its curriculum to reach the goals. It is our commitment to develop not only the cognitive aspect but also to develop all the aspects of children developments, especially the spiritual aspect by introducing the Islamic values as the most important guidance in life.

Teaching and learning method in the school is emphasized on student - centered. By giving opportunities for each individual to explore his/her potentials. As we believe that each child comes into the world with unique potentials, and if properly explored will contribute to betterment of the world.

A conducive and comfortable environment is also created to make the children feel like at home. Hopefully, by providing good education in their early life, the children will grow as tough individuals who are ready to face and compete in the future.

Wassalamu ‘alaikum Wr. Wb

Embun pagi Musikal

Year End & Graduation 

Yearly Event
  • 17 August 2016

    We commemorated  the17 August with many competition.

  • Hajj Manasik

    Kindergarten Embun Pagi Islamic School had Hajj Manasik in school. We introduced the students about

  • Islamic New Year, 1 Muharram 1438 H

    Embun Pagi Islamic School celebrated islamic new year, 1 Muharram 1438 H. We started the Islamic New

  • Idul Adha 1437 H

    Idul Adha 1437 H in Embun Pagi Islamic School introduced students to remember about prophet Ibrahim